About Cliff

“In the Morning,” album artwork.


cliff legendD-u6T2aWwAA64yO


In grade school, Cliff played Mozart’s, “Ode to Joy,” for a piano recital.  In high school, in football, he was all Catholic.  To this day, his college biotechnology laboratory notebook is used as an example for the incoming freshman.

The Cliff Legend is an songwriter/artist from the United States. Cliff’s specific genre of music is bubblegum rock.

When recording, Cliff makes the drum beat using Image Line Studio and then overdubs the drums with guitar(s), bass, and vocals. Cliff has played live at venues, wrote, recorded, and produced the songs on the album, “In the Morning.”

To stream Cliff’s music, visit, https://reverbnation.com/theclifflegend or, https://soundcloud.com/theclifflegend. Thick Bumpin is on SoundCloud.

Both EP’s are for sale at the Apple ITunes store, Amazon, and most other outlets.  On the Contact Information page, are the links.  For social media content, visit http://www.twitter.com/theclifflegend.

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